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Coleridge and I Lay Too Many Eggs
Ostrich egg, hammered wrought iron,sea urchin
quill, handmade
ceramic, glass tesserae.
14" h x 7.5" x 7" d  2010
Inpiration from the Samuel Coleridge essay.  Too
many ideas and inspirations are left untended just
as the Ostrich leaves untended  eggs
in the Sahara.  
Price $300
Jill was a fellow student at the Orsoni School
I've been creating hand-painted tiles for
over 30 years. I work out of my studio in
Atlanta. I was looking for a new creative
challenge and it seemed that mosaics
were a natural extension of what I do. And,
mosaics seem to be gaining in popularity
Here, she critiques my mosaic
Martha Coursey and Guilio Candussio at the Orsoni
Mosaic School in Venice, Itally
This is me with author and instructor Antonella
Gallenda as I received a Master in Mosaic Arts from
the Orsoni Mosaic School
Legendary mosaic artist Illana Shafir gave a
workshop in Austin, Texas in 2011
Workshop with Gary Drostle
Workshop with Martin Cheek